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 12 Reasons Relationships Are Upside Down Nowadays
July 24, 2022

12 Reasons Relationships Are Upside Down Nowadays


1. We take sincere, honest and faithful people/partner for granted and make them look like a fool.

2. We do what is wrong and hurt our partner’s feelings all because “we want to do what makes us happy”

3. We no longer appreciate good people/partner for their good will and sacrifice…we now try to manipulate and use them.

4. We don’t heal before going into a new relationship, and we end up making our new partner change towards us because we treat them with the bitterness, sadness, grudges and pains we brought in from our previous relationship.

5. Most of us don’t even know what love is all about. These days we go into a relationship mainly for the benefit we would get. (Material things and satisfaction).

6. We are becoming too entitled. Unknowingly to many ‘Entitlement mentality is very poisonous and deadly…it destroys relationships very slowly and silently.

7. We ask and demand for too much, to the extent that we ask for what we ourselves cannot even afford or give out. We get frustrated and disappointed by our own expectations.

8. We always want the best partner, but we are not ready to be the best partner too.
We want a faithful and honest partner, but we’re not ready to be faithful or honest. We gradually make the Good get tired of being good because of our recklessness and stupidity.

9. We tend to love those who don’t love us, and we don’t love those who now love us…and everything just get twisted, confusing, annoying and crazy. I don’t know if there’s a spirit causing this common problem.

10. We are so stubborn these days and we don’t want to listen to advice, we refuse to change our bad attitudes and we keep telling our partner to love us for who we are.
(Meanwhile no one will love you with bad attitudes when you can actually change).

11. We no longer want to make sacrifices, we don’t want to endure, we don’t want to start from somewhere…we just want to eat from where we didn’t sow…whereby most of the time we fall in wrong and evil hands.
We want already made and already made no too plenty.

12. Life is hard, the country’s economy is something else, people are striving to make end meet…abi no be who chop belleful dey think about relationship?
But even at that, we are all in relationship in one way or the other, so we should give it at least little attention and learn more to experience a better relationships.

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