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Motorist/Commuters Laments gridlock at GRA Junction In PHC

by Anita Ogona

Residents and business owners in and around the GRA axis of port Harcourt have been subjected to various hardship following the blockade of ABA Port Harcourt Road from the GRA Junction to waterlines.

The GRA axis to waterline is about three kilometer trek by foot and is home to major financial institutions like the banks, fashion outfits, restaurants and small shop owners.

Going home on Sunday evening in a taxi, the taxi driver lamentation did not help in highlighting some of the hurdles the commercial drivers had to encounter following the diversion of traffic from the waterlines stretch of ABA road to GRA junction. The taxi Driver MR EMEKA IBE said they lose thousands of Naira on a daily basis due to the traffic diversion, ‘’we lose between three to four thousand Naira every day because that road closed is our busiest bus stops, and most passengers are not aware of the new route and we just run empty’’ he said ‘’we are family men and we also buy fuel into the car to be able to ply the heavy gridlock we have to endure to make two thousand Naira a day.

Toady been the first day in a working week, worker’s commuters, motorist and business owners had stayed away from the area following the barricade of GRA TO WATERLINES JUNCTION by the security personnel to protect INEC port Harcourt office against unforeseen threats’

Some of the commuters seen complaining in their cars lament the long hours spent on the traffic. Mrs Ibiene kuro told our correspondent that ‘’we are suffering in this country oh, see me who left my house by 6:30 AM, getting here I am stock in a gridlock, I thought the elections are over, they should open the roads so we can leave our normal lives, this is not fair, this is not fair she continued to lament.

Our correspondent also gathered that heavy presence of the security men on port Harcourt Aba Road, has forced pedestrians to take alternative routes to get to their destinations. People were made to raise their hand s before crossing GRA junction which is also house to The NIGER/DELTA development commission office on ABA road.

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