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The Village Where Childbirth Is A Taboo

by Anita Ogona

In the Ghanaian village of Mamfe Dove, pregnant women are not allowed to deliver in the village because it’s believed that it will offend the gods.

Some expectant mothers end up making last-minute journeys in excruciating pain to avoid breaking the tradition.

But some women are starting to challenge the practice and demand they be allowed to stay in Mamfe Dove to have their babies.

Hannah Kosianah is nine month pregnant and is expecting her third child, she told BBC News that she married into Mamfe Dove and have go travel to other towns to have her babies, “some of us have to work distances to give birth, preparations for giving birth include getting ready with the means of transportation you are expected to use to get the next village, we have hospitals and clinic here but they are not allowed to deliver babies Mamfe Dove. ” i am appealing to the elders to ban this ugly trend as there could be emergencies”

The elders insists its a tradition that must be upheld, one of the Village elders Kwame Tsitdse said women are not allowed to give birth here and its an instruction that was passed from generation to generation that no one should give birth here because it offends the gods, if you want to stay in this place then you must obey if not the tradition would be applied and you wont like the outcome? every place has culture and Norms and that is the norm here, its not for anybody to challenge it”

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