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What Can Resurrect The kegites Palm Wine Club?

by Anita Ogona

Traditional Palm Wine music has been losing popularity in Ghana in recent years, but an ambitious four-piece band are working hard to bring back the love.

Kwan Pa (‘the right path’) perform indigenous Ghanaian music and are entertaining crowds of young and old alike.

Between them the members play a wide range of traditional instruments, including the seprewa (harp-lute), frikyiwa (castanet), shekere (big rattle), gome (square bass drum), papanlogo drums and the acoustic guitar.

The quartet, who released their first album in March 2019, said they have their sights firmly set on bringing Palm Wine music to the international stage. The leader of the band Kwan Pa Koffi Amikwep said the aim of the group is to bring back the love of palm wine music in Ghana. He said ” the palm wine music motivates the young and the old” kwan pa is basically a conversation which brings people together to talk about issues of life while having fun.

Sessey who is in her early twenties enjoying the music said the band is just amazing,it involves the crowd, we can go to the stage and add our own lyrics and the band responds with corresponding tunes”

koffi added that” Kwan Pa is a renaissance music that motivates people to have fun, our aim is to take the palm wine music all over the Continent”


could the raising cases of cultism driven away the essence of the Kegites which is its equivalent of Ghana Kwan Pa? can our Kegites clubs Resurrect?

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