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Light/Energy Situation In Port Harcourt

by Anita Ogona

Nigeria is Africa’s largest producer of oil and natural gas yet about half of the country’s population has no access to electricity, and those that do face daily power cuts that can last for hours on end.

The men and women on the front line of Nigeria’s energy crisis battle the angry public and a decaying infrastructure in Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s oil hub. Rivers state dubbed the oil and gas headquarters in Nigeria, adorned by various oil and gas giants and several oil and Gas servicing company suffers in darkness year in year out.

Port Harcourt city and Obio/Akpor which is densely populated with individuals seeking greener pasture, business men and women, the markets even the shop owners, medium and major players in the oil gas sector but cannot enjoy a decent one to three hours of decent light.

Port Harcourt is blessed with good motorable ROADS around the city but can’t also tell of same tale when you enter the inner-city. Everywhere you go the tale of power cuts seems the same, the people are lamenting, Businesses dependent on PHEDC (Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution company) to function are seen running generators minimum of 8 to 12 hours a day. How does this business survive? Make Profit? And cover over head? Is a story for another day? And most are wounding down due to huge overheads.

Keeping the lights on daily is a challenge which the PHEDC will have to answer.

Reports says only half of Nigeria population have access to electricity. The rest wallow in darkness and are less productive except for people in the rural area who only needs the light to drive away darkness and not for people in the city whose lively hood is tied daily to energy challenge.

What more can be done to get PHEDC to light the South South?

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