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Don’t Dump Ogoni Cleanup waste in Andoni River. Youths Tell Federal Government

by Anita Ogona

The National President of Andoni youth coalition says the Federal government will face bigger challenges if the cleanup exercises which it proposed to carry out in ogoniland is not extended to Andoni local government which shares common clean river with the Ogonis.

The National president Andoni youth coalition Mkpon Ijonama in an interview with our correspondent said my attention has been drawn to the ongoing mega project in the Niger/Delta specifically the ogoni land which by political region, I also come from there which is the southeast senatorial district in rivers state.

 ‘’It’s no longer news that the Federal government is on that land to carry out the UNEP report to cleanup ogoni land which is the joy of every other Niger/Delta person that the land has been polluted, that land has killed so many souls and has divided Ogonis but that’s not the reason why I am speaking to you. ‘’Our worries are that that the exclusion of Andonis from the cleanup activities could spell doom for the entire exercise because there’s no way you can clean ogoni without cleaning Andoni by the boundary between the Andoni and the Ogonis you will agree with me that most of the waste generated from the cleanup will be waste to the river.

‘’And if you send the waste into the river, you have already polluted the sea plus the high level of illegal Bunkering that is ongoing in those axis, automatically you have already sent the people of Andoni on exile of dealing with fish. You can also agree with me that the major occupation of an Andoni person is fishing. And if government is intentionally sidelining Andoni people from the cleanup exercise is a major concern to everybody within that senatorial district to begin to ask questions

He said there no way government can clean up ogoni land without find tuning a means to which the Andoni waters can be cleaned also.

The youth President Mkpon Ijonama also explained that the Extended pollution by the Activities of the Cleanup from Ogoni land will be dumped into the clean waters connecting Andoni and ogoni thereby depriving the Andoni people of their fishing lively hood. ‘’ he said if the federal government is not ready to clean up the entire area they should prepare to keep burying Andoni people on a weekly and basis, because there will not fishing activities, people cannot take their birth with the water and there’s nothing any Andoni man can do to earn a meaningful lively hood’ that is why we are calling on the Federal government to fuse in the Andoni river to water ever they will do in OGONI. And of course there are part of ogoni who depends on fishing for lively hood, like part of Gokana, part of Khana, this people are equally riverine people too. They also trade in fishing. So I don’t understand why the cleanup will be on the land and not on waters as well. This why we call on the federal government to immediately include the Andonis in the cleanup exercise so that we can bequeath a healthy and friendly environment to our children.

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