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Our Major Challenge In Crime Fight Is The Judiciary: Rivers State Police Command

by Anita Ogona

The Rivers state police command says it has arrested over ten persons in connection to the cult related crisis in Rumuolumeni community which left 8 people dead.

The state police public relation officer Nnamdi Omoni told our correspondent that the police is breaking through the Rank and file of the Cult Groups to ensure that those linked to the senseless killings are brought to justice.

The police public relation officer Nnamdi Omoni said we doing our best, our greatest challenge is that no corresponding support from members of the communities. when these thing happens even the bereaved families don’t report to us, they prefer to bury these corpses behind the police. We know that they are bereaved but they should be able to report these cases. These boys they also know them, they are their kith and kins, they should be able to report to us. he continued ‘’these cult boys come for their identified targets but for now we have deployed men of intelligent unit to these communities. We need collaborative support partners to fight these common enemies.

Omoni said modern policing is intelligence based and we have been making significant achievement from that, the truth is that these boys have lost patronage, we have broken into their ranks, we have infiltrated them, they are disorganized and confused. These cult boys have lost patronage of sponsors who have been giving them arms and stipends that’s why they are doing what they are doing now!

These different cult killings are being investigated by men of anti-cultism unit at the end of their investigation we will tell you what we have able to unravel. We are not resting its giving us concern about what is happening

When we arrest some of the boys they will tell you that they are cultist they forget that they were arrested with guns or even indicted in a case of armed robbery, they would confess to being a cultist than armed robbers and think we would not charge them to court.

Another major challenge we have is the rivers state JUDICIARY, at a strategic meeting we are proposing between the chief Judge of Rivers and the Commissioner of Police, we will be appealing to the CJ to harmonize with the police because sometimes when you charge these boys to court, the next day they are back resulting from the omission of the police or judiciary inaction.

We are trying to work out modalities to smoothen these rough edges so that these boys can be dealt with logically and accordingly

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