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Pensioners Hails Governor Wike For Sending Contributory Pension Bill to The House Assembly To Repeal

by Anita Ogona

Pensioners under the contributory pension scheme has commended the Rivers state governor for prompt submission of the bill to repeal the contributory pension scheme which passed first reading yesterday at the state Assembly.

Recall that these group of pensioner s were on the street of port Harcourt every Wednesday protesting the allege refusal of Government to pay its counterpart funding to their various pension administrators; they said they were unable to access what they have contributed as well because the law says the ability to access that fund is for all part to make their own continuation which government did not pay a dim or make its own contribution.

The coordinator of the contributory pension retirees Lucky Ati told correspond that the retirees where elated over the speed at which the bill was prepared and sent to the house of Assembly. He said the pensioners are happy because we prayed to God to retain Wike and God heard our prayers because if another person had won, all these whole process will start all over but today we are starting from where we stopped.

He said the pensioners you see here are those who retired from civil service between 2015 TO DATE. We are over three thousand persons; the number you see here today is because so many of them are sick with no money to treat themselves, some are malnourished and a lot more do not have money to come for our gatherings, we are really suffering.

He called on the head of service to reactivate the suspended Biometric exercise which was allegedly stopped due to the elections processes. He said elections are over they should open up the biometric exercises a lot of people need to captured, we have more than three thousand pensioners under this scheme and only seven hundred has been captured so far they have a lot people and data to do with the earlier they started the better for us.

We also hear that the house of assembly is trying to amend this law? We appeal to them to Repeal this law as it’s a moral burden on the government. You see right now every civil servant is afraid of what their faith might look like in the nearest future when they retire because they can see what we are passing through, it’s in the interest of the government to abrogate these laws to save future retirees from the hurdles we are passing through’’

Coordinator of the contributory pension scheme Lucky ATI also appealed to Government to look into the issues of non-increase in pension allowance in line with increment in minimum wage. He said anytime minimum wage is increased pension allowance is stagnated, no pensioner has ever gotten any increase yet we go the same market as the workers, foodstuffs is the same price everywhere, what pensioners buy is what the workers buy also.  Do you know that there so many pensioners who are on a two-hundred-naira monthly stipend? As hard as that might sound that’s the truth.

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