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NLC Elections In Rivers State:The Intrigues Of Power Play


The Nigeria labour Congress has re- elected the Beatrice Itubo to serve the union for another four years.

Beatrice Itubo scored 366 votes to defeat her closest rival Henry Urombo who scored 55 votes.

The election for the first-time witnessed a record braking peaceful atmosphere with squadron of security presence, from the DSS, mobile policemen and the rank and file police patrols.

In her acceptance speech Beatrice Itubo promised to tackle the issues of contributory pension and non-promotion of deserving civil servants

She said ‘’ I thank you all for electing me to serve you again, we will do much more than we have done in the past four years, before the elections there were speculations that I have retired, yes I have retired but not tired, then I was under government employment but now I am under my union employment so the things we cannot pursue because of my status then, we will pursue them headlong. She continued ‘’ I call my brother Henry Urombo to join me to move the NLC forward, in labour movement there are no victor no vanquish, everyone is a winner.

Itubo said ‘’We will tackle the issues of contributory pension scheme with the hope to ensure that civil servants who retires after 35 years of meritorious service does not suffer anyone, ‘’Rest is sweet after Labour’’ all the complaints of stagnation and non-promotion of workers will be dealt holistically. She added

The elected first vice chairman Emecheta chuku described the peaceful outcome of the election to the fact that all major stakeholders were carried along, ‘’ he said everybody’s interest was protected with that there was no rancor, we will continue to unite the workforce.

 Also speaking to our correspondent the chairman of the Nigeria civil service union and the elected state auditor II of NLC Opu-oyibo Lilly-west in an interview with our correspondent said their new leadership will into various bottleneck with services delivery and promised to unite the Unions and also look into worker’s welfare

other elected members includeTemple Morfford 2nd vice chairman, Awashi Eze Treasurer, Boms Chuks Auditor 1, Lucky Okpogene Ex- Officio

Meanwhile the only contender and challenger to the return of Beatrice Itubo as the candidate to the chairmanship position of the Nigeria labour Congress, Henry Urombo said the NLC election was marred with irregularities.

He said the election did not follow NLC guidelines as stipulated in the NLC constitution he said a petition written to the NLC National on the eligibilities of Beatrice Itubo to contest the election was not responded to, that the precedent about to be set for NLC in Rivers state will not go down well in the History of labour movement in Nigeria, how can a level fourteen retired civil servant descend so low to accept level Ten state organizing secretary? Its amazing how power can intoxicate some people.

The NLC chairmanship candidate in the just concluded NLC election held on the 26th of April 2019 Henry Urombo also revealed that the election witnessed vote buying and selling ‘’ he said I saw workers complaining that they were not given the promised five thousand naira to sell their vote, some of them came to meet me to ask me to give them money, I told them that my elections were based on principle and integrity, if they want total change of the labour movement in Rivers state they have to vote their conscience and defend their choice if not whatever they see as outcome of the election so be it,

We are not giving up like I said before we will pursue justice and to correct this abnormally in the most peaceful manner.


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