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6 Years Old Boy kidnapped 6 Months Ago In Port Harcourt Reunites With His Parents

by Anita Ogona

A six years old boy has reunited with his parents six months after he was kidnapped from his home and sold for 250,000 Naira to a waiting buyer in Aba.

One of the masterminds of the kidnap syndicate Promise Thompson said he was only hired as a driver to kidnap the victim after a failed robbery he said ‘’I didn’t intend to join them I was doing my normal taxi drop when thy charted me for hire and along the line they brought out gun and told to do as they command I had to obey. We got to a spot somewhere in AGIP and they asked to pack leaving me with two persons with gun, later the three that went inside came out with a little boy and it was raining they ordered me to take them to ABA in ABIA State, on getting there one Miss Glory was called and the boy was handed over to her’’ before they let me go without a dim. ‘’early this year police caught me because the phone they left in my car I was using it and they tracked me with it, so I told the police I would take them to ABA where we dropped the child because I didn’t in any way intend to go and steal or kidnap, that’s how my IPO took me from that time till now when we recovered the boy.

A mother of seven Chisom Nwoke who allegedly bought the six years old boy denied knowledge of the kidnap. She said ‘’the boy was handed over to her to send to a home in ABA. She said then took the boy to Catholic Sisters Orphanage and later her friend Glory that handed over the boy to her started disturbing her that she wants to sell the baby that she needs the money to go and bury her father so we contacted the Rev Sister and sold the child to her sister who was barren.’’ Glory told that the boy was sold for five hundred thousand naira but the woman only paid two hundred and fifty thousand Naira’’

The mother of the six years old boy Rita Ogbogu narrated to our correspondent how her son was Kidnapped. She said ‘’at two AM midnight on the 6th of October 2018 we saw people in our house because we were asleep, I didn’t know how they managed to enter my home so they searched the house and took the little money they could get, shot my Husband and took away my only child, we reported to the police and have been following them up, my husband is still hospitalized due to the gunshot wounds. I just want to thank the police; you may not know it but the police are working, I just want to thank them (police)

The Rivers state police public relation officer Nnamdi Omoni shortly after parading the two suspects. Said efforts are on to arrest fleeing members of the syndicate, he said they police will not live any stone unturned to arrest others at large.

 Correspondent also reports that the two shell staff kidnap last week also regained their freedom. Recall that a driver and a spy police attached to the two men were brutally shot dead last week Thursday and the two men kidnapped. The two men have been sent to the hospital for further treatment.

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