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Unpaid Severance Packages Swiftly Paid By Defaulting Company As Public Complaints Commission Intervenes


As part of efforts to ensure that complaints are treated urgently with utmost professionalism and promptly, the Public Complaints Commission has secured Severance Benefit for one of the complainants SOTOWARI

The Rivers state Federal Commissioner of Public Complaints Commission Marshall Israel while handing over the cheques to the beneficiary said the efforts is In line with the vision of the Chief Commissioner, Hon Chille Igbawua, (Nigerian Chief Ombudsman), ‘’our investigators at the Rivers State office of The Public Complaints Commission sprang into action upon receiving a complaints from Mr.Sotowari over unpaid severance package by his former employer. 

To the satisfaction of every party concerned, it was resolved timely and without physical confrontation. The Complainant got justice and his severance benefit paid.

The Public Complaints Commission has a mandate to investigate and resolve all cases of administrative injustice at the Federal, State and Local Government levels. Also affected are companies registered and are operating in Nigeria.

Mr. Israel added ‘’Fortunately for Nigerians, this is arguably the only agency in Nigeria whose services are wholly free and without charge. In Public Complaints Commission, there is no interlocutory injunctions and adjournment of cases. No victor and no vanquish.  The complainant and respondent usually go home hugging each other.

He Queried ‘’Why take the laws into your hands when you can get practical justice for free? Absolutely free with no hidden charges. Don’t be a victim of your own making. Use our service today at Public Complaints Commission. We are located in every State of the Federation. Ignorance is no excuse in law.


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