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Music Industry In Nigeria Is Survival Of The Fittest: Asu Ekiye

by Anita Ogona

A talented Gospel music star Asu Ekiye says Gospel musicians in Nigerian has no known music, secular and gospel Industry because practitioners in the industry do not have people or like recording labels or companies that can sign on artist to enable them build a career and also have a retirement plans.

Asu Ekiye who was in port Harcourt to promote an indigenous talent hunt show “wisdom 2 Wealth” told East west reporters that what we have in Nigeria both secular and Gospel at the moment is survival of the fittest.

What do we mean by that? ‘If you do a song today, you shine, chop the money, enjoy yourselves and when that is over, your tenure is over and that’s not an industry’.

He continued ‘This makes it very challenging for people to develop their talent and also the body of Christ in Nigeria do not have agenda for talented people that is why I came today to identify with Wisdom 2Wealth as one of the most formidable, credible NGOs that are supporting young people in Rivers state and different parts of the country. I think this is one of the most Vocal statements made by a single individual to ensure that people are empowered to the fullest.

I am here for that purpose, I am here to Identify with this cause, and we would take this cause to every nook and cranny of this nation

 When asked Why these challenges? Asu Ekiye added ” An average Nigerian does not see music as a source of income, same way football was viewed in those days, if you have a daughter/ Son that plays football, they will tell him or her to go get a career or look for something to do but that has changed now, that’s the position that music is occupying now, they don’t see music as a source of income or career, so they don’t see reasons why serious people should be doing music, but we have gone beyond that now.


He said the enabling environment for music industry to thrive must be created by government.


1) Government must fight Piracy, the way they fought fake drugs by setting up an agency like the NAFDAC to fight fake drugs, so also they should set up an agency to fight Piracy.

2). Africa, Nigeria is one of the hub of piracy, if they don’t fight piracy, Musicians cannot benefit from the sale of their musical products and materials, and that’s one reason musicians don’t benefit from their talents.

3). Church people see music as one of the things they use to help church to grow, church should see the talent as develop-able and begin to put deliberate efforts to develop this talent as well.

‘The music industry is a total package that involves a lot of People, and business men and women alike should develop the Nigeria market to make it Lucrative, but government must create an enabling environment for continuity and for the industry to thrive.’

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