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Trade Union Congress Shuts down Activities At Trans Amadi Transmission Company

by Anita Ogona

Activities at the transmission company of Nigeria was disrupted on Tuesday May 14th 2091 as the trade union congress TUC succeeded in picketing the company by The senior staff association of electricity and allied company SSAEAC over alleged illegal conditions of services.

The chairman of the trade Union picketing committee Cyril Nzekwe told our correspondent that management had withheld promotions transfer, of SSAEAC members in the last five years.

He also alleged that management has instilled fear and intimidation of its members by choosing to use some junior staff in the organization to scuttle the peace and harmony amongst members of staff as the management use such junior staff to intermediate some senior staff members.

He said imagine a situation where management will select eight persons to work with and these eight persons determines who gets promoted and who does not? If they don’t like your face its sorry for that person and some of have been stagnated for five years No movement, instead of moving up, you will be moved down. For example, if you were a manager before, you would be stepped down to assistant manager. That the situation we find ourselves here.

Our Demands are as follows

1, withdrawal of queries issued to SSAEAC officers.

2, Disbandment of Illegal CAONDITION OF SERVICE review committee

3, Withdrawal of all circulars on Labour matters.

4, Review of all promotions, Transfers and Sanctions in the last one year.

5, Restoration of Rights of SSAEAC including check off dues. Membership                                                  processing, vehicle and other supports given to other unions and recall illegal expelled members of SSAEAC.

6, Reconciliation of SSAEAC check off remittance since January 2017.

7, Institution of Disciplinary proceedings against expelled SSAEAC members for gross indiscipline and usurpation of authority.

8, Account for all 735 containers cleared from the ports.

9, Account of all donor monies received since January 2016.

10, Removal of U G Mohammed,

They said the action will continue until the above demands are met and implemented.

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