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Come Out With Policy On Ransom Taking/Payment: Public Compliant Commission Urge Federal Government

by Anita Ogona

As part of efforts to tackle the growing security challenges in the Nigeria, the National secretary of public complaints commission BALA Mohammed Abdul has called on government to come out with a strong policy on Ransom taking and ransom payment

Speaking to our correspondent at a workshop in port Harcourt Mr. ABDUL said ‘’one of the worrisome issue in this country is the triple T. That is, Terrorism. Banditry and Kidnapping. It’s so worrisome that everyone is now sleeping with one eye open, we can’t sleep with our two eyes closed.’’

‘’The only way, out of so many other ways that the government can help to reducing it to the barest minimum particularly the issue of banditry and kidnapping is to come out with a policy on RANSOM. government must come out a policy on ransom, I don’t know how they are going to do it. But there must be policy on ransom like it’s done in other countries either to pay or not to pay, or when you pay what to do.’’

 Then government should also make it impossible for all the benefactors of ransom to consume or utilize the funds collected from ransom. That is to say, the loot of the perpetrator should be made impossible for them to benefit from it. It’s like business, when you are doing a business and you are not benefiting from it, you will stop it; for instance, one of the things government should adopt is that if a ransom is paid for example, if one hundred thousand naira is paid as ransom government should invest like one million to ensure that those who collected the one hundred thousand naira will not make use or utilize the funds.

He added that public compliant commission is the best place for anyone who is aggrieved on administrative injustices to come and lodge a complaint compliant, because its cheap, its friendly and vary fast too. Its faster than the court, you don’t pay any kobo.’’

 Our services are totally free, you don’t pay a kobo to benefit from it, we are strict, its unlike court where you go and you are filled up with legal technicalities, in public complaints commission we speak the language that you understand, and at the end of our case we seek to restore parties to the original position they used to be before the case.

‘’In court when you have a litigation and at the end of the litigation the parties are sworn enemies, but at Public Complaints commission we bring you back to be friends. The public should know that the best place for you to pursue some commercial dispute resolutions is at public complaints commission because there are no time wastage parties would be restored to original position and that’s we have being doing and trying to do’’.

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