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Security Guards At Public Schools Gate To Begin Stop And Search Of Students Back Packs: Rivers State Police

by Anita Ogona

The Rivers State Police Command says it will empower security agents in public schools to begin stop and search at the gate of all public schools to forestall student bringing dangerous items and weapons to the school.

The state commissioner of police in The state USMAN BELEL revealed this while addressing students of community secondary school Oroworoko in port Harcourt’s days after a student allegedly brought in tear gas canisters which was carelessly detonated by another inquisitive student of senior secondary two   in the school.

The incident caused panic amongst students where pictures emanating from social media showed students jumping from the second floor of the school building as others scampered for safety which eventually caused a stampede.

The school authority said 27 students were injured and receiving treatment and they clarified that no life was lost to the careless unfortunate incidents.

At the assembly ground where the student was gathered for the Commissioner of police address, ‘’he said I have liaised with senior management of your school to ensure that there won’t be another occurrence, I sympathize with you all on this sad development, we feel the pain as much as you do, that’s why we found it necessary to interface with you and also to advice you.

We will give you some tips on what to look out for, from your fellow students. Why we are not telling you not to carry back packs to schools, but it’s necessary that the school administration should find time to check those back packs. Things like the tear gas canisters and some other dangerous weapons like knives are not supposed to be brought to school. Be conscious of who your class mates are and what they bring to school and whenever you see anything that is not supposed to come to school report to the nearest teacher, they are responsible for you for your wellbeing and conduct while in school and they would be the one to assist you to solve such problems.  

(1) Do not confront these people who bring weapons to schools

(2) Be your brothers and sisters’ keeper, when one of us is safe then the whole school is safe and the community is also safe because we all live within our communities.

I want to Reassure you that we are here for you. We care for your safety and security. I promise that we would do everything possible to ensure that your school is secured, we will work with management of the school to achieve the reasons why you are in school. As young person’s today, you are the leaders of tomorrow, I believe amongst you here there’s a president, there is a Governor, there’s a Minister! a senator, teachers, lawyers, police, Medical doctors, bankers and Engineers.

You are all leaders of tomorrow and by God’s grace you would achieve your dreams. I want to thank the teachers for doing a great job because without the teachers we cannot achieve this aims

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