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We Have Turned Conflicts Into An Industry! How Can We Attract Investment In An Atmosphere Of Conflicts? GM Shell: Igo Weli Speaks On ADR

by Anita Ogona

The general manager external relations for SHELL development company in Nigeria IGO WELI has called on youths in the state desist from all criminal tendencies that will drive away possible investors from Nigeria through the wrong use of social media.

Igo Weli in an interview with East west Reporters at the public compliant Commission Campaign on ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION in port Harcourt decried the magnitude at which youth engage in violence shared on social media which in turn travels across the globe

He said the need to manage conflicts and disagreement properly not to send the wrong signals to investors should be activated by all. In his word ‘’where we failed as Niger Deltans is that when there is conflicts, we tend to use that as anchor for violence and to disrupt businesses. We actually discouraging investors. Like the I said in that Hall what the Niger Delta needs and indeed Nigerians we need private investors to help us grow our Economy, create Jobs opportunities for contracts, employments ETC.

Investors are very discerning people, they look at how you behave, how you behave with companies that are already with you today, so some of the narrative they hear on radio, televisions, social media and some of the things people say.

 He said ‘’If you listen to the way people talk about entities like SHELL and juxtapose that against the way everybody runs to the same SHELL for help the next day, you start asking yourself why do I have this kind of big dichotomy between what they say and what they do? And that will tell you it’s more of competition for value than what they say, but we should be careful so that we don’t destroy that entity we even need for jobs and all that and that is very important.

 Mr. IGO added ‘’I am a NigerDeltan, a true Nigerian, I want the best for us! we need jobs, we need this place to grow again, like I said when I left school, if you take your certificate and you trek from one end of Trans Amadi to the other end you will get a job, what you would be discussing would be the kind of job, the value preposition whether you can get something better elsewhere. Today, that’s not the case, so what are those choices we’ve made that makes our place not that attractive to prospective investments? How can we turn this around? And one key area for me is how we manage conflicts? We have turned conflicts almost into an industry! Some people live off conflicts, so they create conflicts even where it doesn’t exist normally and they feed that conflict, cream value off the system. Well you might make short term gain but you are going to in the long term loose a lot and fortunately all of us will loose because those business will take a walk.

‘’We talked about DANGOTE building a refinery in Lagos? The home of That Refinery actually should be Niger Delta and that’s 20 to 30,000 thousand jobs gone both direct and indirect jobs.

‘’How do we make sure that more of such investment does not walk away from us? So it’s a very big issue and that’s why I am here today to support the PUBLIC COMPLAINTS COMMISSION to make sure that we move away from this adversarial negative way of managing conflicts to a constructive and positive one.   Which can be Led adequately by an OMBUDSMAN empowered by the government in the form of Thesis. ‘’

I am a NigerDeltan, I want what is good for us, my heart bleeds when I see the way the economy is, I just came in from Lagos this morning, its Night and day, let’s not deceive ourselves. You can see progress. When you see progress you will know. If I stand out here and it’s raining no body needs to tell me it’s raining because i can feel it on my body, so where people need to convince you that it’s raining when you can’t feel the rain know that there’s a problem.

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