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18 Local Government In Rivers State To Suffer Severe Flooding: NEMA

by Anita Ogona

The National Emergency management Agency NEMA has warned Eighteen local governments in Rivers state to prepare for the coming flooding in the state by identifying designated IDP camps.

The zonal director of NEMA Walson Brandon told East West Reporters that Nigeria HYDRO-LOGICAL SERVICES AND NIGERIA METEOROLOGICAL AGENCY Ni-met foretasted that 11 local government area in Rivers state will suffer severe flooding while seven of them will suffer mild flooding and urge residents to prepare ahead of time.

Brandon said those who live in and around the low level areas should begin to gather their valuables to safeguard them, and also identify the designated Internally Displaced Peoples camp for easy of movement as NEMA is making adequate arrangement to assist flood disaster prone areas.

He said the forecast shows that flooding this year is expected to supersede that of last year, he named the Eleven local government as; (1) Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni, (2) OYIBO, (3) Tai. (4) ABUA/ODUAL. (5) DEGEMA, (6) AKUKU TORU, (7) PORTHARCOURT CITY, (8) OBIO/AKPOR, (9) GOKANA, (10) AHOADA WEST, (11) AHAODA EAST, (12) ANDONI, (13) ASARI TORU, (14) BONNY. (15) OGU BOLO, (16) OKIRIKA, (17) OPOBO NKORO, (18) ETECHE

Walson Brandon also advised the Rivers State Government to set up Emergency management procedures to mitigate the impeding flooding as local and state government are the first respondents in Emergency cases.

He said ‘’emergencies are local for example when there’s a plane crash, it happens at a place, so we expect the local residents around that area to assist in basic First aid and also respond adequately. since disasters happen at a particular place, we expect the people to take action concerning their environment. Federal Government is a big entity that covers the 36 states and capital, in issues of emergency the first respondent is Local government, by extension the state as second before Federal government, so there’s a need for the state government to have robust state emergency team to mitigate the coming flooding. Our procedures are, if there’s an emergency, we move to the area and assess the situation and then make recommendation to our headquarters for action, pending the response from the Headquarters we assist victims with basic first aid and emergency services. so the state is expected to act first.

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