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Nigeria Healthcare System And Managing IDPs Camps: Over 2000 Person Out Of The 3149 Displaced Persons In Nukkia IDP Camp Suffering From Malaria


Managing crisis in Nigeria has proven to be a daunting tasks as almost all the time, health care facilities are never sufficient for the large population of people needing help for flood displaced victims, war torn communities and terrorist attacks.

In Taraba state bandits over the few weeks have displaced thousands of persons from their homes and farmland with thousands of person seeking refuge in a temporary shelter that is poorly managed by government officials and volunteers, deteriorating health of the IDPS is posing a serious concern.

Over 1,000 Internally Displaced Persons are battling malaria fever in their Taraba camp due to poor condition of the Nukkai Primary School turned camp,

The camp leader, Danlami Kwambo, said no fewer than 48 women in the camp were pregnant and four others already delivered of babies in last three days.

The camp coordinator, who explained that 3,149 IDPs were taking refuge in the camp, said the major challenge facing the inhabitants was health issues due to lack of potable water, food and bedding.

The coordinator said people from 11 villages comprising Murbai, Kershaba, Yerwai Abare, Jokumbo I and II, Banibu, Jen Betel, Jaagbegh, Koko Uban, Wururoo, Yukani and Koudat were taking refuge in the camp.

the IDPs appealed to the government and individuals to come to their aide.

Nobiri said, “We need help; our farms, property and homes have been destroyed. We need the government to come to our aid.

“Some of us have newborn babies; they are being exposed to mosquitoes. One of us has to stay awake to keep watch over the children.”

When contacted, the Permanent Secretary, Taraba State Emergency Management Agency, Mr Nulvagae Danhabu, said the government was aware of the plight of the IDPs and efforts were being made to reach out to them.


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