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Minimum Wage! – Federal Government 9.5% Proposal For Workers On Level 7 To 14 And 5% For Level 14 To 17 Is Meaningless To Our Struggle: Trade Union Congress


Few months after the federal government signed the 30,000 Naira minimum wage into law by president Mohammad Buhari, workers are yearning to feel the impact.

Recall that labour had last week threatened to embark on strike over federal government delay in implementation of the signed minimum wage

The Rivers state chairman of Trade Union Congress, Austin Jonah told correspondent that the technical committee set up by the FG   to work out the template for the minimum wage is at logger heads with labour leaders over the percentage proposed for implementation which he said is meaningless to worker on level 7 and above.

He said the joint Negotiating Council and labour leader met and for relativity to occur on the implementation of the new minimum wage from level 7 to 13, give us 30%. 30% means if you are on level 8 and earning a #50,000 minimum wage, 30% of #50.000 is 15,00 Naira which will come to 65, 000 but government is saying they will not implement 30% that what they can implement is 9.5% which is just about #4000 naira or thereabout. Which means the minimum wage is meaningless for people on level 7 and above.

”People on level 14 to 17 government said they will implement only 5%, so that is what is hindering the implementation of the new minimum wage”.

The state chairman of the Trade Union Congress Austin Jonah also explained that the aim of the proposed strike action is to ensure that every worker and pensioners are not cheated out of the implementation stage

HE Said ”everybody is supposed to benefit from the minimum wage even pensioners, so we are not preventing any body from enjoying the minimum wage, we are doing the right thing so that everybody can be carried along,”

”you cannot say that because its minimum wage its only meant for level one to six. No! everybody must benefit and if we don’t negotiate it well now it then means they will give pensioners 1% and that’s why we are threatening that we would go on strike because there is no sincerity from the Federal Government.

we are not talking about state government because some state government are even ready to pay above the #30.000 Minimum wage but this process will enable us to use the template to go to various state to negotiate with the state governors to implement the minimum wage


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