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How Public Complaints Commission Saved Me From Land Grabbers:Victim Narrates How 15 Months Debt Was Solved in 1Month

by Anita Ogona

As part of its mandate in ensuring that disputes are resolved promptly within the fastest possible time, The Public Complaints Commission has resolved lingering land ownership dispute between Cyprian Ntakini and live well estate developer situated at Oyibo Local Government Area in Rivers state’

Cyprian Ntakini from Rumuosi in Obio/Akpor LGA told east west Reporters that one year ago, he bought one plot of land from one of the numerous real estate companies in port Harcourt and after due diligence at the rate of 500.000 which is inclusive of all land charges and levies since the company was offering on promotional sales at that season,

He narrated that he encountered some financial challenges and needed to dispose the land to be able to secure his daughters admission with the university of port Harcourt. He said ‘’ Instead of my daughter to loose the admission and go back to re write JAMB, I decided to approach the company to assist me to buy back the land to enable us meet her school fees obligations. The company agreed to buy the land but insisted that part of the condition is that I would forfeit 40,000 Naira that what they will pay back is #460,000 which I agreed and all the necessary papers were signed but immediately after signing the paper works it took the company several months to pay me a #100,000 twice within long intervals and that’s was all I ever got from them until I reported the matter to public compliant commission to intervene on the matter one month ago

To my amazement yesterday I got an alert of 260,000 Naira into my account from the same company. I am here to thank the Public Compliant Commission especially the Commissioner who intensified efforts with calls and visit to the company to ensure that they refunded me my money and I want to say a big thank you to him and the commission I have suffered a lot going back and forth, he added

Speaking to our correspondent shortly after; the Rivers state federal Commissioner Marshall Israel said it has overriding powers to receive Complaints on all issues, the once that are within the commission purvey, we resolve it, the once that are outside our Purvey we send it to appropriate authority to tackle it.

MR. Israel said ‘’In MR Cyprian Ntakini’s case is an administrative injustice, our investigation reveals that the man actually bought the land from one of these real estate agent based on their agreement they actually paid him half and refused to pay him the other half and started playing politics with him until he brought the case to public Complaints commission and we wrote to them (the real estate), I believe that sometimes some of this big men and MDs of company may not be aware of the politics their staff plays with their businesses. We wrote to the MD within two weeks we summoned him and since he does not want us to proceed with naming and shaming he responded swiftly knowing that he is into real estate which can jeopardize his business tomorrow.

‘’I want to thank Mr. Cyprian for not taking laws into his hand. He did not go with his children to block their gate and even staged a protest, the honest reality is that if he had gone to court the case would linger for years, but at Public Compliant commission we speak the language of the poor, which is the language everybody understands, its practical justice for the common man at no cost.  Which is far better than queuing  in courts?

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