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Dengue FEVER Epidemic In Honduras! About 28,000 People Struck and 54 Children Dead Due To The Outbreak


Out of 32 public hospitals in Honduras’s, 26 are overflowing with patients due to what health authorities are called the worst dengue fever epidemic in the past half-century.

The disease has struck 28,000 people this year, of which 54, mostly children, have died.

The enormous case flow is evident in the western city of La Paz. Inside the local hospital’s chapel, two tables are piled high with patient folders, which sit in front of a wooden depiction of Christ.

Even more telling are the beds lining the room, protected by red and blue mosquito nets, from which 10 women are being treated for some of dengue’s typical symptoms: bone and joint pain, high fever, vomiting and dehydration.

The hospital spokesman Marco Antonio Rodas, told newsmen that We’re overrun

Officials have called a national emergency to fight the dengue-causing Aedes Aegyptii mosquito and a fumigation programme has been launched in homes and public buildings.

And yet, the hospital is bursting at the seams. On top of those housed in the chapel, six of the facility’s eight rooms are taken up by those stricken by dengue, with some beds even filling in the corridors.

Three of the rooms house a total of 26 children, aged two to 14 – the most vulnerable group to dengue – who are connected to IV bags and monitored by concerned parents.

“They’re not all out of danger,” said a nurse as she looked over the patients.



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