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10 Years Old Boy Commits Suicide After Playing The MOMO Game Challenge


A ten years old boy from South Africa has committed suicide after playing a dangerous game that dares children to take their own life.

The game called Momo is said to urge children to commit suicide after receiving certain image on their phone the Namibian news quoted.

According to the boy’s family Kahambue Hipose was found hanging on a laundry line behind the family home by his uncle last week,

The police deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi confirmed the suicide saying investigation into the matter was ongoing

He was a grade 5 pupil at a local school Khomasdal primary school. His uncle told local media that following his death, his friends were called to find out what was the last things they did together and they confirmed they were playing the momo game challenge but that they decided to stop while Hipose said he was going to continue the game at home.

Recall that a south African online news 24 had earlier warned that the MOMO Challenge has dominated headlines with parents being warned of viral suicide game supposedly on YouTube.

As part of the challenge children are encouraged to harm themselves after connecting with a mysterious woman with bulging eyes who has managed to hack her way into children’s YouTube videos.

This publication is to urge parents to look out for what their children does with Internet( East west Reporters)


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