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Sea To Sky Gondola Operators Allege Sabotage After 30 Cable Cars Fell To The Ground In Vancouver Canada


Almost all of the 30 cars on the Sea-to-Sky gondola in Squamish, north of Vancouver, fell to the ground. Canadian police say they are investigating if the cable car gondola was sabotaged in an apparent act of vandalism

Police believe someone deliberately cut the cables in the early hours of Saturday.

The company said the incident happened at around 04:30 local time when the line was closed, and no injuries were reported as a result.

The tourist attraction’s manager told Canadian broadcaster CBC that maintenance on the line had been conducted recently “and it was a big, thick, beautiful healthy rope”.

The rope is a multi-strand steel cable, 55mm (2.2 inches) across.

Police said that technical safety experts were assessing the line.

Inspector Kara Triance told CBC that experts would know the difference between a faulty cable and one that was cut deliberately.

She added that the person responsible put themselves in “extreme jeopardy” if they had climbed a maintenance pole – but also because the steel cable unravelling under tension would have been very dangerous.

“We recognize the potential of what could have been and are thankful that no one was injured,” police said in a statement.

The Sea to Sky operator, meanwhile, says that the gondola is closed “for the foreseeable future”.

Police are asking for any hikers, climbers, or campers who were in the area to contact them.

The gondola has 30 cars, each of which can carry eight passengers on the 10-minute ride to the top, 885m (2,900ft) above sea level.



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