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The Nigeria Police Is Grossly Underfunded: How Can The Nigeria Police Function Well When The Insurance Premium Placed On Them When They Die In The Line Of Duty Is 880 Naira-PCRC


The police community relation committee PCRC says the major reasons why the police are unable to play their roles of securing our community is because they are grossly underfunded.

The chairman of PCRC in Rivers state, CASCA OGOSO told our correspondent that the security personnel in Nigeria cannot perform due to the small amount of money budgeted by the federal government to run their operations.

He said where the insurance premium on a police officer is about eight hundred and some fractions of naira if they die in a line of duty is absurd. How can the federal government pay somebody who is supposed to take bullet on your behalf eight hundred and eighty naira to die, if it’s you will you encourage your child or relation to take risk in such a job? So they are grossly underfunded.

Most times when they present the budget, they slash it beyond words. That is why we are advocating for situation where a special fund will be created to fund the activities of the police. The practice of going with a cap in hand begging state government to give them 10 0r 20 vehicle they cannot even fuel.

He said do you know that an average police station gets only 1010 one thousand and ten naira to fuel their vehicle on a daily basis, its less than ten liters of fuel.to the state

He said the reason why police cannot answer swiftly to emergencies is due to poor logistics and pleaded with the federal government to fund the police from an exclusive fund, if internally you are not secured then the nation is gone.

The state chairman of Police Community Relation committee CASCA OGOSO also called on the federal government to withdraw the Army from internal security.

He said a situation where soldiers are seen on the streets, even to go demand for debt is absurd!

Government should withdraw the army from internal security. Their roles are to fight wars and not for soldiers to begin to settle husband and wife matter, sometimes you see them conniving with cult boys to grab land within some communities.

He said the ARMY should rather be deployed to the boarder to Mann Nigerian porous borders with customs official or alternatively go and face the boko haram war.  If army mount the boarder, they will ensure that strangers don’t come into the country and create problems for us.

He said we have demystified our soldiers, the army is involved in politics, they are accused of Bunkering and all what not



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