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Niger Delta Youths Protest Alleged Fraud in The 2019 ICT Training BY NDDC: Says They Were Denied Starter Packs

by Anita Ogona

Some youths under the aegis of 2019 Niger Delta Information Communication Technology Trainees ICT staged a peaceful protest to the headquarters of Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC over alleged refusal by NDDC to issue them with starter packs after their training.

Leader of the protesters Keento Kingsley-Gaius alleged that the 2019 ICT are over 250 persons drawn from the nine states that makes up the Niger/Delta but are unable to come as lots of them have gone back to their various states without any help other than laptops they were issued at the end of the training.

He said they were made to sign under Durex over sums of money and benefits they were yet to get with a promise that at the end of the training the monies would paid into their account after writing the exams, but that for three months now no one has received any money or the starter pack.

He said the ICT training which was meant to last for minimum of 6months and maxim of 12 months was compressed into three weeks course with nothing to show for the training they undergone and require more funds to pursue the career elsewhere.

Some of the trainees told our correspondent that they were yet to be empowered with the little training they received as the depths of the ICT training cannot be absolved in three weeks and needs necessary starter packs to continue on their own.

The protester who groaned over the way they were treated at the NDDC while carrying out a peaceful protest said they were manhandled by the police orderlies attached to NDDC as instructed by the contractor in charge of the ICT training.

They alleged that the contractor in charge of the ICT after an argument with them supervised the mobile policemen stationed at NDDC to beat them thoroughly, saying ‘’our laptops have been smashed, the small laptop we managed to collect from them they broke it all, look at our body? See scares on us, how can a contractor tell police to beat innocent people and they will do so?

All we want is to be properly trained because they have gone on air to tell the whole world that we have been trained and spent billions in naira to train us for only three weeks while housing three to five persons par rooms for those who came in from AKWAIBOM, DELTA, EDO, IMO, CROSSRIVERS, ABIA, BAYELSA AND ONDO. After suffering such condition, they were sent home with a promissory talk of sending money into their accounts and nothing seems to be done three weeks after. They called on NDDC management to intervene so that the contractor will not short change them from getting their entitlements.

They noted that those who were trained before them testified of the benefits that accompanied the training only to be told to go home without anything other than the laptops they used for the three weeks training and some of the students had to borrow transportation to get back to their various states.

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