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Is A Serial Killer On The LOOSE?Police Says It Has Identified The Corpse Of The Lady Found In Port Harcourt On Thursday

by Anita Ogona

The hotel where a middle aged women operates as a call lady has been identified and the corpse of the lady has also been identified police said.

The police PRO NNAMDI OMONI told our correspondent that ‘’investigation into the matter is ongoing as the relations of the deceased have been contacted and they have also gone to identify the corpse at the mortuary. ‘’Like I said we are doing our best and it’s a security matter which we do not intend to reveal the details to the public until investigations are concluded.’’

Recall that another lady was found dead again in Port Harcourt on Thursday morning? Reports says she is a mother of 4 from Benue state who was picked up by her client in town axis on Sunday night (18THAugust 2019) for a sex trip

A close look at her body suggested that Her body was bathed with acid and her tongue gushing out. She was wrapped in a black bag and dumped at Aggrey road old port Harcourt township on Wednesday night and was discovered early hours on Thursday morning by concerned residents.

Some of the ladies who identified her said she was their colleague at a close by motel and had noted that a particular male customer approached them for sex and wanted to take them to another hotel but they declined. Saying the hotel management had warned them of the dangerous trend of male customers taking them outside for sex pay but end up killing them, to that end they all declined. They wondered why she later followed the male customer which none of them could identify. They said they got worried on Monday when she didn’t return but was consoled with the fact that sometimes when their services are too good, their customers can retain them for more days in the sex bout and that what matters was the pay. But was so shocked that her killers can kill her somewhere and came to dump her body close to the venue where he picked her up. They said they are willing to provide the little information they had with police, if the police will not turn them to business ventures.

Close look at the dead body shows she was naked and bathed with acid. But her physical body parts remained intact, but we cannot say of her internal organ as police is still investigating the newest dangerous trend of an imagined serial killer on the prowl.  With hope that Police and DSS does something to fish out this serial killer?

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