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United Labour Congress ULC Raise Alarm Over The Influx Of Asians Into Nigeria And Taking Up Local Content Jobs Reserved For Nigerian Workers

by Anita Ogona

The united labour congress ULC has decried the influx of Asian into Nigeria taking up local job opportunities meant for the team unemployed youths.

President of ULC comrade JOE AJERO revealed this at the first delegate conference of FITTER SENIOR STAFF ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA. FISSAN held in port Harcourt.

He called the Nigerian immigration services to check the ugly trend to ensure that Asians are not employed to the detriment of Nigerians.

Read the full Welcome address: ‘’On this historic occasion of your 1st quadrennial delegates’ conference, I stand fulfilled as the fruits of our commitment and determination to build a strong and vibrant trade union movement driven by the desires and expectations of Nigerian workers in diver’s industrial unions has begun to manifest and crystalize. I am indeed greatly honored to stand before you

today comrades!

I remember vividly just like yesterday your struggles as workers held captive within undemocratic platforms yet, with nostalgia I recall the tremendous effort we made collectively on your behalf to rid you of the shackles and gyres that had hitherto held you captive. The joy of your emergence as a registered trade union was a momentous occasion to all of us within the trade union movement and especially the ULC family.

It is therefore gives me a great joy and indeed makes me proud to see that little child of yesterday becoming a full-fledged adult. FISSAN! You have

not just become an adult but you have begun to make giant strides as demonstrated by your decision to hold this Conference today in keeping with the traditions of the movement and the statutes governing your great union.

Your Union – FISSAN has taken that giant step to stand on a moral high ground. You have chosen after many years to shine the light for other unions to follow! You have therefore decided to become one of the few beacons of hope upon which a renaissance trade union movement that honours its traditions, principles and Statutes will be built. That you are all peacefully gathered here to chart a better trajectory upon which your great union’s future will be built is truly a watershed. Only those that understand your objective realities would appreciate the effort you had to make to put this conference together.

We at the ULC therefore congratulate you all! We doff our hats for all of you and wish you well as you end an old chapter and begin anew. Delegates Conferences serve this critical purpose as it allows trade unions to look deeply into itself; purging whatsoever has to be removed and injecting new elements that would help drive the union to the great future which its leadership has crafted.

Just like us, you are young! Just like us committed to Nigerian workers, you are committed to protecting and projecting the interests and desires of all Fitters in Nigeria no matter the quantum of opposition. Our commitment to eliminating the scourge of precarious and unstable jobs in Nigeria such as contract, casual and supplied labour including all dehumanizing workplace practices also are your commitment. This is the promise we in the ULC hold for you and to which you have shown tremendous courage in also pursuing.

More than any other union in Nigeria, FISSAN is confronted daily with the unpatriotic decisions of some employers to rather give out jobs that could easily be done by Nigerian Fitters to Asians. This runs counter to the provisions of the President’s Executive Order that seek to protect Nigerian jobs for Nigerians. It is disheartening that the massive construction of new Refineries that benefited from huge public subsidy did not benefit Nigerian workers at the construction stage.

This leaves us worried about the seriousness of the federal government in pursuing the objectives of that Order. We are also worried that the supervising authority especially the federal ministry of Labour and Employment and the Ministry of Interior may have failed in their duty to bring these unreasonable entities to account.

ULC therefore calls on the Honourable Minister of Labour and Employment to immediately look into our complaints again on this matter and bring the erring organizations to book. Nigerian jobs must remain with Nigerian workers! Nigerian Fitters must execute Fitting jobs in Nigeria! Not Indians! Not Chinese prisoners!

We are also worried that the Immigration department under the Ministry of Interior seems to have become helpless in the midst of flagrant quota trafficking by the various foreign and few local companies in Nigeria. We consider it not just sabotage against Nigerian workers for members of the

Immigration department to allow foreigners steal our jobs in the guise of Expatriate quota but it sabotages our overall quest for development as a nation.

It is with this in mind that we want to reassure you that we shall stand by you at all times! That is ULC’s commitment not only to you but to all Nigerian workers and peoples. Together, we shall seek the creation of national frameworks including the review of our various statutes not just to protect our jobs but to also generate greater and better employment for Nigerian workers especially those in your sector.

I cannot conclude this speech without showing appreciation for the doggedness of your leadership especially your President and General Secretary. They have demonstrated capacity and they have demonstrated comradeship and have shown that really appreciates the enormous responsibilities reposed on them by the simple fact of being the midwives of a new Union. Kudos to your NAC and members!

Today offers you an opportunity for soul searching. It offers another chance to recreate the platform and cast the union in a more glorious image so that it can be re-positioned to fulfill its potentials to its public’s. A wasted today, is therefore a bleak future, I urge you today, to make the right choices; the one that will make FISSAN a great Union thus make you proud of yourself tomorrow when you look back. Your Union must rise from this Conference stronger, cohesive and committed to freeing workers in your industry from the shackles of unwholesome Industrial Relations practices that have a stranglehold on it.

Once again, on behalf of the leadership and affiliates of the Congress, I congratulate you! We extend our hands of solidarity to you! Take it and stand! Look up and live! . Have a great and Successful Conference!’’








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