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A No-Deal Brexit Is A TRUMP Deal Brexit: UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Claims!

by Anita Ogona

The labour Party leader in the UK Jeremy Corbyn says ‘’A no-deal Brexit would leave the UK at the mercy of US President Donald Trump.

The Labour party leader accused the PM of “cozying up to Trump” because “no-deal Brexit is really a Trump-deal Brexit”. He is due to meet with other party leaders on Today to discuss his plans to avert a no-deal Brexit.

The Labour leader wants to call a vote of no confidence in Mr. Johnson’s government when Parliament returns after its summer recess.

He hopes to take over as a temporary prime minister, seek an extension to Britain’s 31 October EU departure date in order to avert a no-deal exit, and then call a general election.

Asked at the end of the G7 summit in France about the possibility of MPs thwarting plans to leave the EU at the end of October, Mr. Johnson said: “I think it’s the job of everybody in Parliament to get this thing done.

“I think it’s what the people want, I also think, by the way, it’s what our friends and partners on the other side of the Channel want – they want it over.”

But Mr. Corbyn said he believes the EU referendum result is being hijacked by those wanting what he called a “bankers’ Brexit”.

He wrote in the Independent: “The Tories are going out with their begging bowl to billionaire hedge funders to raise cash for an autumn general election.

“The chaos and uncertainty caused by a no-deal Brexit is a potential goldmine for speculators betting against the pound.”

He added: “[No-deal Brexit] won’t return sovereignty, it will put us at the mercy of Trump and the big US corporations dying to get their teeth into our NHS, sound the death knell for our steel industry and strip back our food standards and animal welfare protections.”

The Labour leader also said the Conservatives would seek to reduce the power of workers, undermine consumer protections, and also cut bankers’ tax bills and the regulations that stop them abusing their power.

He said he would “do everything necessary” to prevent no-deal Brexit and would discuss all options with other party leaders to “stop this no-deal disaster in its tracks”.


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