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OIL MILL Market Defy Ban On Street Trading, Bee Hive Activities In Full Gear


the popular oil mill was yesterday bubbling with activities as the traders and the ‘Boys’ operating the market were in full view ensuring that no external Boys Comes to Disrupt activities of the trader thereby denying them their weekly revenue.

our correspondent who went round the market discovered that the boys were deployed at strategic location monitoring and anticipating all eventuality.

we our correspondent approached one of the boys who identified himself as Bobo to inquire if its normal to be wielding knife weapon in an open market, he clearly said its for protection. and a dig further into our discussion, he said ”some people are planning to come and chop for our farm, so we dey wait for them.” he continued ask these my brother traders we dey chase una? we are here to ensure that they sell their market and  give us our revenue and return back home without external harassment”

we noted that the police were seen at all parts of the expressway. controlling and ensuring smooth flow of traffic. while police officers engaged some of the market ‘boys’ in a beer drinking session at eleven o’clock in the morning



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