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Federal Government Set To Begin Maintenance Work On Third Mainland Bridge


The Federal Government is poised to begin another phase of major repairs on the Third Mainland Bridge.

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, Adedamola Kuti, says traffic arrangements are underway as the results of investigative tests on the bridge were ready and that contractors would move to site at the completion of the traffic management strategy.

“Any moment from now, once I get our traffic plans approved, we may be announcing to the world again that we are now ready to fix Third Mainland Bridge, based on investigative tests we had last year.

“Meanwhile, we have already completed the resurfacing and the markings, such that you can now drive on Third Mainland Bridge smoothly.

“We are also going to repair some of the piles or pillars carrying the bridge; that is the next phase that we are doing. So work will soon begin on Third Mainland Bridge.’’

“This government has very good plans for bridges. Since I came on board, about a year ago, we have completed maintenance and repair works on Leventis Bridge, damaged by fire in 2016 where a whole deck collapsed.

“We have also completely repaired the Ijora-7Up Bridge. Coconut Bridge repair has been completed; the burnt Marine Beach Bridge repair has been completed and as I speak, maintenance work is ongoing on the Independence Bridge on the Island.

“Work is ongoing on the Dorman Long Bridge, you can drive smoothly on it now and all the guard rails and expansion joints are being replaced.(NAN)



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