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Fear Of A Possible Disease Outbreak From Refuse Dump And Constant Flooding Sacks Residents Of RUMUOLUKWU In ENEKA Community In OBIO/AKPOR LGA Rivers State.

by Anita Ogona

Residents of Rumuolukwu new layout in Eneka, Obio/ Akpor local government area have decried the incessant flooding witnessed in the area due to lack of water Chanel around the area.

Some of the residents who decried the incessant kidnapping witnessed in the area attributed the insecurities to the bad Road and for pastor Ekele Morgan said he had several bad experiences due to the nature of the road. He said ‘’this road is a very strong relieve to what rivers people are suffering on ABA ROAD today. To get to OYIBO from ABA road you spend nothing less than two hours. That’s if you eventually get there. This road is a very good bypass to those living and doing business there. We keep repairing vehicle, when it rains all these houses you are seeing are flooded because nowhere for the water to go’’

Pastor Ekele added that a lot of landlord have built houses and have abandoned it and are renting a house somewhere, according to the design it’s a dual carriage that links to IGBOETECHE and to OYIBO but successive government have abandoned it.


They said bad boys invades the area on regularly basis and perform their illicit act without checks from security operatives. A native of the area barrister Napoleon DEDE, said because of the lonely nature of the road hoodlums use this place a lot. Because they know that the road is blocked at the end hoodlums’ way lay people over there, snatch bags from women, robbery and kidnapping take place on this road as many times as possible and that is why we are looking up to the Government to perform the same magic he has been perform elsewhere in rivers state.

This ROAD is even a campaign promise that the governor made to the Eneka people so we are bringing it back to his attention, at the entrance of the road is a dumping site, all the residents of this area bring their trash and dump here because the road is bad. We are not just suffering the flooding but also bearing and inhaling the stench from this heap of trash, government should please help us before a dangerous disease breaks out in this area, when it rains all this dirty from this dustbin is push back into people’s houses and who knows the kind of animals like snake and scorpions the flood water circulate in our homes, it’s really a sorry situation

The residents of Rumuolukwu in Eneka said life has become unbearable business activities has been brought to a grand halt due to the bad road and frequent flooding of the area.

And for KEVIN Nwosu ‘’he said this area was in the past hustling and bustling due to the business activities where government officials come and collect revenue from motorist Loading from here to ABA, ENUGU, BAYELSA ETC. But today everybody has moved out, we want the governor to come and help us, it’s this bad. Economic activities have been brought to a grand Halt in this area’’

Meanwhile motorists and keke operators plying the area says they spend their life earning on fixing their keke and cars

For AMADI EVEREST all the keke you are seeing here are bad due to constant breakdown of keke, sometimes this refuse truck will break down here three to five days no going in and no going out. We will not work. Everyday mechanic’’

‘’We can’t even make any meaningful income to help or take care of our family.’’

ONYEBUCHI IBE said this road will spoil our keke, if you carry the keke to enter there, the keke will spoil and we call mechanic or our fellow driver to come and push it. We are tired!

THE ROAD is very bad, the moment it rains you will see the high level of flash flooding that sweeps into people’s houses, EWEREM CHUKWUKA added that his greatest worry is the high level of kidnapping and robbery going on in that area.


They said they their cars and keke breaks down frequently due to the level of water and bad road. MR LAWRENCE Said we change shafts, bearing and all manner of things from our cars, every day we are at the mechanic. No meaningful life goes one this way, this manageable place you are seeing us pass through is as a result of self-help. We contribute money together and buy stone and pour on the road. If not no way to even do anything, no car or keke will drive through this road and not break down.


The motorists called on the governor of the state to remember his promise during his campaign of his desire to fix the road and fulfill his campaign promise to the people of Rumuolukwu layout in ENEKA and come to their aid.

And youth leader in the area Henry AKA said the fearful situation faced in that area is the constant kidnapping and hijacking of cars of the few people living in that area who do not have money to move elsewhere and abandon their houses. He said two months’ age Five armed kidnappers were gunned down here following a tip off, these bad boys are terrorizing us seriously.




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