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The Oyo Star Boy: Does Governor Seyi Makinde Of Oyo State Deserve The 100 Days In Office Accolades?

by Anita Ogona

Exactly 100 days ago, Governor Seyi Makinde gave an assurance of a new lease of life to the people of Oyo State when he emerged winner in the March 9 governorship election on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

He promised to run an administration that is effective, efficient and which seeks to provide optimal support to the citizens in leading a safe and productive life in line with their desires and opportunities.

Governor Makinde, inroad to Oyo State’s political space was borne out of his passion to serve humanity, as he maintained that before attaining his current status, he has used all his life serving humanity through his philanthropic gestures and social responsibilities to the people of the state.

He made it clear at the inauguration that providing good governance was not negotiable, stating that he was of the strong belief that it is only through improved governance that the benefits of democratic development must directly impact the lives of its people. A little over 100 days after, residents of Oyo State have experienced the fulfilment of some of these promises in different sectors, with many of them having nothing but accolades for the governor while some, like Oliver Twist, had already begun to ask for more.

Governor Makinde, on assumption of office, had left no one in doubt that the new administration was set to liberate the downtrodden masses from the grip of poverty and relieve them of some of the hardships occasioned by the alleged anti-people policies of the immediate past government.

As an advocate of transparency and accountability in governance, Makinde had called on the people of the state to hold him accountable to his electioneering campaign promises, while also promising to hold them to account. For him, his administration will not be, as William Shakespeare quoted in one of his books, Macbeth “a tale; full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” (talking confidently without making good on any promise).

The governor had, in May, told anyone who cared to listen that focus of his administration is to transform it into a leading state in Nigeria where government works for the welfare of its citizens and residents, anchoring that focus on four cardinal programmes, namely; education, health, economic expansion and security. Other areas of interests, the governor explained, would be about combating poverty, ensuring that the welfare of workers and pensioners are well-attended to, sports development, youth and women empowerment, among others.

The Governor Makinde-led government within the period under review, according to a majority of residents of the state, has made remarkable progress in these key areas by setting machinery in motion towards achieving its desired goal. From pensioners to labour leaders, from royal fathers to the average man on the street, it has been commendations galore for the government for some of its steps in the last 100 days.


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