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Group Appeals To Rivers State Governor To Elevate Other Ancients traditional Stool In Other Ethnic Locality Begging For Upgrade


The Rivers state indigenous peace advocate is appealing to the state Governor to consider the elevation of other ancient stools that is begging for upgrade.

Leader of the Rivers State Indigenous Peace Advocates (RIPA) Bright Abali explained that for equity and justice in the State Council of Chiefs & traditional Rulers, The Eze Usomini of Ogbaland, Eze Igburu, Eze Iyasira stool of Ogbaland and Awoh of NDONI stool should be elevated like other Ethnic groups in the state.

Bright Abali was reacting the elevation and upgrading of Eze Ubima to the stool to first class while ancient’s kingdoms and their traditional stool are ignored

He said if the chiefs from other ethnic groups are given same recognition it will help to restore the spirit of oneness and equity. He begged the Governor to use his good will and in the spirit of the 100 days in office to elevate other traditional rulers to even if its third class, second class or even first class.

He said other ethnic CHIEFS are worthy to enjoy what their Ikwerre counterparts and other ethnic group are enjoying in the council of chiefs.’’

Other ethnic group are supposed to be accorded the same kind of elevation for equal justice, that’s why we are appealing to his excellency the governor of of Rivers state for equilibrium in the chiefs council, so that no group will be greater than others in the same council of traditional council of chiefs.

‘’as a peace advocate group, we appeal for the governor to show the same kind of magnanimity he showered on Ubima people to the chiefs and people of OGBALAND who are yearning for elevation’’



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