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The Twilight Of Diobu: Married Men Struggling To Explain To Their Wives What They Were Doing At A Popular Brothel When Police Raided The Place And Arrested Them With Boxers And Half Nude Ladies

by Anita Ogona

Men of the AZIKWE POLICE DIVISION and Rivers State Anti-Cultism Police Unit clashed in a near bloody confrontation after the anit-cultism unit invaded a popular brothel along Azikiwe Street Mile 2 Diobu. On Thursday night in a raid that attracted the police division of AZIKWE police division that led to the exchange of fire but there Was no casualty as the officers quickly identified themselves and stated their mission to the Azikiwe police officers before continuing with their raids.

Eye witness said all the commercial sex workers within that vicinity was arrested that night with all the male clients seen in the brothel. Over 35 persons were arrested.

An eye witness who identified himself as bomboy said Some ladies were putting on only pants, some pants and Bra when they were thrown into Police patrol van.

Some Married men arrested by police are now struggling to explained to their wives what they were doing at a hotel when men of the anti-cultism unit raided a popular hotel along Azikiwe street mile2 Diobu.  As our reporter went undercover to the area the women were openly discussing how they intends to deal with their husbands when the police eventually grant them bail. We gathered that two of the married men told their wives they went to drink beer in the brothel a claim which their wives dismissed.

Some of the men who escaped from the police raid, told our correspondent that they were at the hotel to watch football match, when the policemen raided the place. ‘’AKA said the police just came last night arresting someone boys, some were half naked, stealing and collecting people’s money and their phones, anyone that pass they would just arrest the person and put inside bus’’. Even the girls were thrown out from their rooms with their customers naked and arrested like that.

Ike said ‘’I witnessed the raid and I think its inhuman to kick those men and ladies out their rooms like that, all I am asking for is that they should profile them, anyone who is innocent should be released and even some vigilante men were also arrested and when they came to inquire from the police what they raid was all about.

And for DINO, ‘’this time around is problem everywhere, inside house problem, Inside street problem. He said I went into the brothel to watch a football match and these police just took us unawares and we had to jump fence to escape, some of us that scaled fence are all treating ourselves various degrees of injury and fractures. Honestly we are tired of this constant ant police harassment.

They alleged that about 25 men and 15 ladies were arrested yesterday and have not been granted bail.

Meanwhile the state chairman of the civil rights council Prince Wiro has condemned the arrest of women half nude by men of the Rivers state police command and pleaded with the police to cover the women while in their detention.

He alleged that Some of the men were on the enjoyment mood already and was thrown out of the room stalk naked but later wore their boxers inside the Police patrol van.

He said the law of decency should be applied at all police raids. ‘’In as much as Police has right to raid a place on reasonable suspicion but they are expected to carry out their duties within the ambit of the law. They would have allowed the sex workers who were on pants and Bra to put on clothes before taking them away as well as the men who were on boxers to wear trousers before arresting them. This are the concerns we will raise with the Police. Unfortunately, the sex workers nor their Manager is willing to speak to us

When contacted the police PRO Nnamdi Omoni said he is unaware of the arrest. Said men of the ant cultism unit acting on credible information raided a certain hotel in Diobu, we are allowed by law to make some raids and arrested some persons, and during the we discovered a locally made pistol in the brothel with four of them confessing to cultism and belonging to a particular cult group, he said at the end of our investigation they will be charged to court.

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