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Family Of Victim Of NLNG/AMADI AMA Car Accident Accuse Surviving Driver Of Foul Play And Ritual Killing: Calls For AUTOPSY

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Family of the victim recovered from the NLNG /Amadi bridge car accident says they suspect foul play in the circumstances that surrounds the accident which claimed the life of their daughter and sister.

Younger brother to the victim Emmanuel JOHN told our correspondent that the man with his sister is known to the family as her Finance. The man identified as Oga precious was introduced to the family as a suitor but the family only discovered that he was married.

Emmanuel said the man drives two cars, a jeep and this Camry. He said he was shocked when his sister’s neighbors called him this morning that some people were looking for close family of the lady that had accident and drowned inside the creek at AMADI AMA. And on getting there they saw rescue operations going on so they waited like most people watching the crane brought out the vehicle and we identified her and we brought her to the mortuary and they asked us to pay ninety thousand before she could be embalmed deposited at the morgue.

He said all I am asking from the morgue is to conduct an Autopsy before embalmment. To determine whether it’s an accident or somebody just killed somebody and rolled the car inside the river and disappeared., we demand to see the guy or run autopsy on the corpse to find out if it was actually accident. ‘’He continued because if it was actually accident the guy who is also in the vehicle may not also survive it, but they guy is alive and we learnt he has given his statement.

‘’Emmanuel alleged that since the guy is alive the family suspect ritual killing and covering up. He might be one of the people going about killing innocent girls in port Harcourt or playing the game of serial killing and if police fails to investigate, then they have a ritual killer out there on the loose’’.

‘’I want a proper investigation. And Autopsy from the police. Because if well arranged the guy can kill anywhere and just push the car into river as cover up. But this autopsy will tell us if the girl was killed before the accident or died as a result of the accident’’.

All we are begging is for police to help us and conduct proper investigation’’ he added.


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