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The Woman I Wanted To Marry Left Me Because Of My Bad Character– Confession Of A Serial Killer In Port Harcourt


The serial killer suspect, Gracious David west has confessed to killing all the seven ladies in different hotels in port Harcourt, Lagos and Owerri.

He said he renounced cultism a long time ago and has embarked on spiritual deliverance from three prominent churches in port Harcourt.

Gracious David west said he has no accomplices in all the killing but that an evil spirits possess his body which pushed him to kill the ladies in hotel rooms

The prime suspect Gracious David west also confessed to enticing the ladies with money, and embark on his nefarious activities in the dead of the night using knife to scare the women before strangling them

In his exact comments “So far, I’ve killed five girls in Port Harcourt; one in Owerri, and another in Ikeja Lagos state. I started the killing in Lagos.

“I took N82,000 from the bank account of the first girl I killed in Lagos. Thereafter, I went to Port Harcourt, then to Owerri and later returned to Port Harcourt.

“After I killed the girls, I collected her phone, and sold the phone at Waterlines and MTN office (areas in Port Harcourt).

“I met the last girl at a club in Port Harcourt,” David-West told reporters.

David-West, who hails from Buguma in Asari Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State said he is 39 years old, further gave horrific details about how he murdered his victims,

The suspect said he usually picked his victims from clubs and drinking bars.

“I take a girl into the hotel, we eat, make love and sleep. Later, I wake up in the middle of the night and put a kitchen knife on her neck, ordering her not to shout then I will increase the volume of the television set so that no man can hear us.

“I threaten her that if she shouts, I will kill her. I promise her that if she cooperates, I will not kill her. So, the girl, out of fear, will not shout.

“After the girl relaxes, then, I will tear the bed’s pillow case and tie her hands and legs, so that she will not struggle. Thereafter, I strangle her,” he confessed.

David-West said before strangulating his victims, who usually pleads for their lives by offering him money as well as details of their bank accounts but ends up killing victims.

He said after obtaining the victim’s ATM card and PIN and other belongings, he still killed them.

“So, I collect their ATM PIN, and after dawn, I go to ATM to withdraw money from the account. I usually use the money to get other girls.

“I don’t know what is making me to kill people. Immediately the urge comes, I kill, and after killing, I regret and feel sober. But later, I will still go and kill again,” he said.

When asked who is aiding him to commit the crime? He said ‘’I don’t have accomplices, I am alone, I don’t have a house or sister. The woman I wanted to marry before left me due to my bad character, I still have her number on my phone. He said he is the only son of his mom and that his mother died as a result of sickness, I am alone’’

Correspondent Anita Ogona reports that the police threatened to deal with one of the hotel in the state where the serial killer David west killed a female victim and the hotel management disposed the body along Peter Odili Road without reporting to police.



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