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Port Harcourt Serial Killer Gracious David-West Admitted To Killing 9 Women In Port Harcourt 6 Outside The State,1 EACH From Ibadan,Lagos, Benin, Sapele, Owerri And ABA


Rivers state police has revealed that the serial killer Gracious David west killed additional eight women including the 7 he earlier confessed to, bringing the total number of women killed to 15.

Commissioner of police in the state Mustapha Dandaura disclosed this while inaugurating the task-force on the mandatory installation of CCTV in all hotels in rivers state.

He said further investigation and collaboration with states agencies revealed that Gracious David west killed a total of 9 women in rivers state and six outside Rivers state.

Emphasizing on the importance of installing a CCTV CP said ‘’if the last hotel where Gracious David-west carried out the last murder did not have a Camera we won’t have captured him and he would most probably continue to kill. ‘’Saying we worked with the Hotel Receptionist Who played the video over and over and we followed a trail to the room where the girl was murdered and the person who paid for the room that’s how we got him. The receptionist did a proper check inn as she insisted on a valid phone number since the guest (now serial killer) Had no other means of identification so we started tracking the number from that day and distributed his pictures to all IRS team until we discovered that he was on East west road so we instructed the tactical team of men of the IGP MONITORING TEAM search all vehicle going in and out of east west road towards AKWAIBOM STATE and that’s how we caught the Gracious.

‘’If not we have no information, no ID cards, the hotels were even compounding their own problems until that video came to our rescue. We discovered his name that he is from Buguma in Asari Toru Local government area.

You know when we did that press conference he admitted to have killed Only five in Rivers state and two outside, but after the press conference we took him round all the hotels where same incident happened one by one and he led us to each room in the hotel where killed the victims that’s when he admitted to have killed nine. He said he killed one in LAGOS, 1 IN OWERRI,1 IN SAPELE, 1 IN ABA. 1 IN BENIN AND 1 IBADAN. Which made the number 15. 9 from rivers state and 6 from other states.

The CP Continued, ‘’this new development was as a result of that parade we paraded him. After that parade so many state commands started calling us that this same person was captured in their own CCTV in those state and we confronted him with the information and he admitted that he did them and narrated how he committed the crimes.’’

In fact, the last one was yesterday, after my meeting with area commands and DPO for our weekly briefing when two women from the state CID came and from ABA on some special investigation activities when I interviewed them I discovered that they had a picture of same method of killing with them and when we interrogated Gracious David west he admitted to killing the woman in aba and gave vivid explanation on how he carried out the killing.

Gentlemen we must enforce this hotels guidelines. It’s very very important and we have to enforce this rules because if we had cameras in all these hotels we would have had this number of casualty in the state.

He urged the committee to go round all the hotels within and outside the state. Tell them to either close the hotels or follow guidelines, otherwise we will continue to witness this kind of embarrassment, we don’t know if he is the only person doing it or he has accomplices though we have drilled him further he denied having any group or person sponsoring him’’ so far our investigation reveals that he is the only one for now, he doesn’t move with anybody or group. He is the only one going from hotels to hotels.

‘’And we have not gotten any other killing associated with other persons in same manner’’. We also don’t want another psychopath to wake up from another angle and not detected.




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