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FIDA Raise Alarm Over The Growing Number Of Male Child Reported Rape Violence And Urged Women To Also Protect Their Boy Child


The international federation of women lawyers FIDA has raised alarm over the growing number of male children who suffer violence and sexual abuse

State Chairperson of FIDA in Rivers state Ngozi  Odunkwe Ehosevbe at the monthly sensitization on rape awareness at Rumuokwrushi community called on women to also watch and place importance to educating the male children on sex education

She said ‘’the number of reported cases of sexual abuses on male children is on the increase. She said it has become paramount that the women are sensitize in terms of the provisions of violence against person’s boll which is currently before the state hopes of Assembly so that they know what the content of this bills are.’’

‘’Having interacted with the women we have deduced that the women their hearts are crying out particularly in the area of rape. The women are not happy how their little children are being defiled, how the young ones are being raped and one thing that we didn’t refresh our minds to is that it’s not just the girl child alone that is raped but that the boy child is also being raped and abused’’,

‘’We have quite a number of matters before us  where you find that some of this boys have been abused sexually and  otherwise, so haven interacted with them they have given their word that they are going to speak out and that why some of them it became a great concern what do they do with the police as often times matters are reported to the police but it does not come to  the broad day light and that it is fizzled out but we have assured them that if they can only speak out within the purvey of the law that justice will always be meted out. She added’’

Some of the community women from Rumuokwrushi commended FIDA for their efforts in ensuring that cases of rape get attention in the state and urged them to do more.

‘’Mrs. Amadi said as them don start this work, the women are going through so many things both husband and community, like all this rape they are telling about its still our children, we are not happy about it how the men destroy these children at an earlier stage, it’s not good and we say they should continue with the work they are doing for the state generally that the lord should help them to fight to the end and not stop half way

And for Grace UKE Government should try and help our children because most of our children are being abused and as a mother I don’t like it, government should tighten their own end site and we would also tighten our own loose side.

Madam Joy Chindah said she would support the women to seek redress in court in any other rape case brought out within the community and would help the victim seek redress in court,

Some of the women told our correspondent that they are not happy with the way the divisional polices officers treat rape cases when reported to them.


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