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Free Education: Rivers State Post Primary School Board Threatens To Deal With Principal Caught Extorting Money From Students


Rivers State senior secondary school boards says the governor has approved the promotion and the employment of 10,000 teachers to tackle some of the challenges in the educational system in the state.

The Acting chairman of Rivers state senior secondary schools board DAME GRACE AKPUGUNUM at a meeting with Zonal Directors and Principals of School’s in her response to questions raised by the principals on how to move the educational sector forward in the state said ‘’Rivers State Said the government has provided all the necessary materials needed to ensure that education gets to the people Free of charge. She said we are prepared to welcome as many children as that can enroll to go to school.

‘’His excellency the Governor means business and we must support him. When we see a good course we have to pursue and support it. ‘’I have been a principal for several years and I was a director too in the post primary school board where I acted as supervisor so I have seen that his excellency is making sure that we do the best for our people, we cannot tolerate a situation where our children are learning under dilapidated building that’s way the government is renovating schools, ENITONA is wearing a new face, Okporowaogbakiri, Rumuolumeni all of them are wearing new face’s’’

She said government will no longer tolerate a situation where children of school are seen hawking during school hours and urged parents to play their part.

Every time they would ask the children to leave the street and go to school but I know that with some parents the only way they can eat is that some their children will Hawk food for the entire family, but that is not enough reason for that child /children not to go to school, government will no longer tolerate a situation children are out of school just because they must feed their families. them

The acting chairman of   senior secondary school board Grace Akpugunum said government will handle all exams fees in public schools and   warned that any teacher or principal caught extorting money from parents will dealt with.

She said in our street parlance today we say ‘’our governor is showing working’’ we have heard some drops of alert in our accounts and the principals are excited and they are already coming to the board to pick up their materials and school essentials to run their various schools.

The principal is really excited. ‘’You can see the atmosphere that was in this hall today? We had a good meeting and the principals were very happy, they have picked up some materials from the post primary school board but we are asking them to come and pick more, so we a want to sincerely thank his excellency, we have a long list oh but we are also asking him to do more and like I mentioned to them earlier on, anyone who collects something extra will be dealt with honestly the axe will come down against such person’’



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