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Nigeria @ 59: Hope For Nigeria – TECHNOLOGY Is The New Way For The Future – Prof B FAKAE


Ahead of Nigeria 59th year anniversary an Educationist and a former vice chancellor of Rivers State University of Science and Technology RSU BARIDA FAKAE has called on every Nigeria to keep hope alive.

Prof BARIDA FAKAE while speaking to newsmen at the sideline of love world international Reach out Nigeria launch in port Harcourt said if we don’t have hope then we are dead but staying alive require some degree of hope.

He said all over the world people use the things around them to create and carve out a niche for themselves but in Nigeria we abuse the things around us. Like I’ve said as a country with the kind of things we are going through now, we must be forced to do the right thing and to be forced to do the right thing is to adopt and adapt to E-Technology.

Just like we were saying inside the hall. The world has advanced and we need to step up, just like here anyone who sees camera will be forced to do the right things just like what we did in RSU when we noticed that students were not ready to read we introduce E-Exams not just that we also introduce online scoring systems to ensure that teachers/Lecturer’s will not influence the marking or script like they were used to doing.

We also introduce research and training for the students, Academic and nonacademic staff to ensure everyone understands the needs and reasons to adopt the new realities of E-Learning.

Also speaking to news men after the event pastor pat Aniebonam who spoke on behalf of Christ embassy church at the reach out Nigeria program said the church has taken a stand to ensure that the movement which the church began eleven years ago will continue to blossom and as we continue this movement we know that the anthem that Nigeria sang over years will become a reality and the children will be outside plane and things will go on well.

She said we believe in the productivity of Nigerians, we believe in Security of Nigeria, the unity of Nigeria, we believe in the love and strength of Nigeria, so we believe in hope. We say the theme for this year Reach out Nigeria id LIGHT OF HOPE and we believe in the hope and the future of Nigeria


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