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Reasons Why Dog Eat Dog In Nigeria At 59TH– CASCA OGOSO

by Anita Ogona

As Nigeria celebrate her fifty ninth Independence celebration today A Security Expert says one of the ways of improving on the security challenges facing the country is to overhaul the security operations to meet with 21st century digitization.

The state chairman of police community Relation committee PCRC CASCA OGOSO told our correspondent that Nigeria at 59 is still crawling to meet up with modern techniques on how to Police the entire states resulting in the use of military to tackle internal securities.

He condemned the drafting of soldiers into some communities to handle internal matters which he said is purely the job of the police.’’ He said police are trained to maintain peace while the soldiers are trained to enforce peace’’. We should be overhauling the entire system and allocate reasonable amount to fund the police not the meager amounts we see in the yearly budgets of police which in turn is slashed by the assembly’’. He asked how can someone who doesn’t know how to handle computers utilize or apply digital technology to crime fighting, use of CCTV, Finger print to unravel crime or even tracking?

Casca Ogoso continued ‘’So Nigeria is not doing us any good by bringing soldiers to do police work or handle internal security

The state chairman of Police community relation committee CASCA OGOSO blamed the lack of development of the country and the alleged raising security challenges to politician failure to fulfill campaign promises. He said our political leaders are helping matters they come out with Fake promises. And then when these expectations are not met you vent your anger on your next neighbor which is totally wrong. The person who gave you this fake promise is living in the comfort his home in Lagos, Abuja or port Harcourt surrounded by well starched soldiers and trucks of police van and NSDC, you can’t get them so you look for your nearest brother to vent your anger on its wrong!


Misplaced anger, abject poverty and hungers causing this dog eat dog mentality. Why must somebody come to kill his brother in the first instance? Its total madness! Do you know that extreme hunger can cause one to become cannibals that’s why we advise people to please learn how to live peacefully with your neighbors and your brothers and sisters! Don’t think that if things are tough, you must carry out violence before you eat

The security experts also berated politician who are still promising Roads, lights, water as campaign promise in this 21st century

Let our politicians provide the basic necessities of life. Why must we in this current century still be telling people we will give water Roads and Lights? These are old mundane promises that accompanied 1960s and 70thies and up till today we never seen as followers that these people are telling us lies?

These things ought to be there so that people can live their lives, do their businesses without any hindrances or disturb anybody. If there’s is constant light people will be doing their small cottage businesses. But these things are not there so the whole country instead of going forward it’s like is going backward and if we continue like this Nigeria will be decimated very very soon. God forbids!


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