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We Feed Serial Killer Gracious David West 3Times A day -Police: The Self Confessed Serial Killer Due To Appear In Court In The Coming Week


The Rivers state police command says it will charge the serial killer Gracious David West to court next week to answer to the murder charges against him.

The police public Relation officer Nnamdi Omoni told our correspondent that the matter was never swept under carpet but that the command is painstakingly digging into Gracious David west stories to bring accomplices to also face the law. He said investigation of this magnitude must be through we have to dot our eyez and cross our tees so that we don’t leave room for us not to win this case in court. We want to make sure we don’t leave anything to chance.

The way our mind is working it might him alone in this business so we are trying to demystify him to get other startling revelations from him, be that as it may in the next couple of days he would be in court

He said though Gracious David west confessed to killing 15 women but it’s not enough to serve as evidence in court without proof


The police public relation officer Nnamdi Omoni also dismissed insinuations that the police is petting the self-confessed serial killer.


EWR- Why Is the police Pampering Gracious David West? Despite confessing to Killing 15 WOMEN?

OMONI- we are not pampering him. We are only doing what’s best in the circumstance as enshrined in the constitution.

He is already asthmatic and not strong health wise. We will give him medical treatment, right to lawyers, family and health even right to good food, we feed him 3 times a day. Its only when he has been pronounced guilty and a sentence of death pronounced on him, that’s when he looses all such privileges.

The rivers state police command is policing with him Human face, that’s why we are giving him this privileges because they are within his constitutional rights to receive good food and access to healthcare. So right now Gracious David west has right to good food, good medical facilities, to lawyers and his parent or relation as the case maybe.

EWR- Why don’t other prisoners enjoy this kind of privileges

OMONI- we have been doing that, it’s just that the present crop up of officers in the state, we are human right friendly and we are doing everything possible to protect the rights of our detainees



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