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Disc Jockey Professionals Calls On Youths To Embrace The Trade As WAYS of Earning Legitimate Income


In Entertainment the Association of Professional Disc Jockey of Nigeria APROJON has called on youths to adopt positive attitude that would portray entertainer’s in good light.

The vice president of the Association of professional discs Jockey of Nigeria APROJON Prince Krubo told our correspondent that the group is organizing a one-day sensitization to enlightenment youths on good behavior and moral values

He said the group is worried over certain attitude displayed by DJs which has portrayed the organization in bad light. He said the DJs are the first persons you see when you attend an event. Even before the host shows up the DJs are already Entertaining the guest, so there’s need for that DJs to dress well and appear decent always. He however urges some DJs to get more education and gets necessary training on how to address audience and hold the crowd in an Entertaining manner

The Association of Professional Discs Jockey of Nigeria APROJON called on residents to turns out en-mass for the conference and concert holding at pleasure park on Tuesday 8th October 2019 by 9 AM TO 3PM for the conference  while the concerts starts from 5PM TO 11PM same day.


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