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Master Baths 16 Years Old Boy With Acid For Collecting ”APIRIKO”(Bribe) From Customers


A 16 years old boy whom neighbors were worried on how he can seek medical due to the physical corrosive marks on his body has attracted the attention of members of civil right council.

State chairman of civil rights council Prince Wiro upon sighting the boy who was in obvious pain and interrogated the boy who identified himself as RIWAN AFOLABI narrated his ordeal to the human rights group.

The CRC chairman told our correspondent that he saw the 16 years old boy with marks all over his body. He said ‘’on seeing the marks as an Analytical Chemist I immediately knew it was akin to ACID splash. On interrogating the boy, told me it was his Boss who he is living with that poured acid on him because he told his Boss to stop beating his brother in an in appropriate manner’’. I quickly called the attention of the Vigilante Chairman of the area who mobilized his personnel to take the boy to the station to lay complaints.

We also learnt that the boy has never been treated. ‘’I have also investigated and found out that it was lead-acid battery that was poured on him’’ Members of vigilante in DIOBU yesterday led the Police to arrest the man who poured acid on a 16 years old Riwan Afolabi from Osun State who is serving him in the shop as boy.

The boy said he is learning work under one Jima Friday. Which is a practice of bringing a small boy from village to learn trade under an ‘Oga’ And after learning the boy will be settled by the ‘Oga’. He claimed that his master poured hot acid on him for topping money for a customer without his approval. The boy claimed he collected what they call ‘apiriko’ small business with customers to get small money out of what they sold and soon as the master found out he confessed to his master who collected the said amount from him and bathed him with the acid water’’

The suspect one Jima Friday who poured acid on the 16 years old  is presently detained in Nkpolu Divisional Police headquarters in Mile 3 Diobu. The DPO has also interrogated the suspect and the victim. The suspect is also from Osun state and their overall ‘Oga’ is from Osun state.

Investigation reveals that the acid has H2SO4 Tetraoxosulphate(vi) as its electrolyte and it is very corrosive and highly concentrated.

The Police said they need to recover the acid used on the boy. Police in the operation carried all the Lead(Pb)-Acid battery both on sight in the shop as exhibits


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