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The Nigeria Medical Association Advocate A Separate Public Toilet Facilities For The Likes Of Bobrisky


The Nigerian Medical Association has recommended psychological counselling for persons, including Idris Okuneye, popularly AKA Bobrisky, who are males but have a feeling that they are females.

Chairman of NMA in the Federal Capital Territory and Chief Medical Director, Nyanya General Hospital, Dr Ekpe Phillips in a chat with newsmen said “in my own view, it is not about Bobrisky feeling he is a woman, it is about others knowing that he is not a woman. They have to create another toilet or another place for those who were born men and decided to say they are women and those who were born women and decided to be men. These are people that can function in that type of life.

“As doctors, we may not have an opinion because it is a controversial area. But what doctors identify is biological male and biological female. Those who are males and have a feeling that they are females need psychological counseling. It is only when you are born a hermaphrodite that you can now chose the one you wish to be.”

Recall that the Federal Government had claimed to have received a report on how Bobrisky allegedly caused a stir at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja when he used a female toilet.

Dr. Ekpe Philips, a consultant gynecologist and specialist in reproductive health, said a separate toilet facility would be better for people in same category as Bobrisky.

Philips said, “Nigeria is anti-gay and this was what worked against ex-President Goodluck Jonathan while the West went against him. Nature has already identified who is who and you cannot now choose to be who you are.

“The only health implication is that he cannot function like the normal woman from birth, he doesn’t have uterus and womb. He still has ability to impregnate, if his penis is still there.

“With all due respect, some of these people are liars. Bobrisky could be doing those things for public image outside, meanwhile, he’s a full-blown man. He has not exposed the picture of his private parts for us to know that he actually did transgender’’



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