Home News FLOOD Sacks Over 2000 PERSONS From RUMUEKINI Community In Obio/Akpor LGA

FLOOD Sacks Over 2000 PERSONS From RUMUEKINI Community In Obio/Akpor LGA


Over 2000 persons have been sacked from Rumuekini community in Obio/Akpor local government area following the flooding of the community from the recent daily heavy rain falls.

Chairman of Rumuekini community development NNAMDI OWHOR said we are begging government to come and assist us with a carnal from the back of UPTH to Choba River or from Obiri Ikwerre to Rupokwu carnal so that the water can flow out’’ As I am talking to you now there are so many people who live in that area with no possible means of laying their hands on anything they have worked for their entire lives. Many people are dying and we have been burying them, in fact three days ago, snake bite one woman inside the water and now that family is looking for a way to bury her.

Some residents of the community who fled the area to seek refuge elsewhere told our correspondent that they have suffered untold hardship.

They said the water level has refused to rescind despite the sunshine, they said they have been checking on the area by visiting every day to check the water level which has remained the same.

Some of the affected flood victims called on the state government to open up water channel from the community to the Choba Rivers for the water to flow out.

A young man who identified himself as CHUDI, said I live here at no 4. First street, I can’t even enter my house because the water level is at my waist. I learnt the place is now infested with snakes so I can’t even go in to check on my belongings, we thought it’s an initial flash flood that will rescind after some hours for a day or two but it has entered into weeks and I can’t live life like this not knowing what to do, just going here and there, sleeping anywhere that they pity me,

And for gift IHEDIOHANMA, I live at school road, Alhaji street Rumuekini, the flood affected us so badly that we have to move out of the area, my room is filled with water, the kitchen, parlor everywhere is water infact the soak away was flowing into my house before I moved out. We just have to run to stay in a friend’s house that is dry.

MYSTERY HONOR, I LIVE at no. 19 school road Rumuekini, after the secondary school, the flood is too much, it has been affecting us since 2016, I teach at the secondary school. Like you can see, this is school hour, no child is going or coming back from school, my properties are damaged, my house I don’t even know the state it’s now. This flood is beyond what individuals can handle or the community. Like I told you before we started managing it from 2016 but this year, it has gone from good to worse. We need the government to come and help us.


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