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Pensioners Of Nigeria PORTS Authority NPA Protest 4 Years Of Nonpayment Of Pensions Increments And Allowances


Federal civil servants who retired from Nigerian Ports Authority NPA have stage a protest over the nonpayment of pension allowances and gratuity.

Chairman of the NPA pensioners Elder Enoch Okoh said the NPA management withheld their public servant increments for pension allowance for the past four years.

He said other Federal agencies like the NNPC NEPA, NIGERIA AIRWAYS etc. have paid their retiree’s the constitutional pension allowance and increments but the management of NPA refused to pay them despite the series of meeting and letters back and forth for the past four years.

Pa Okoh said ‘’you can see that I am sitting down talking to you and that I am sick, a lot of us are sick and some have even died without even accessing single pension or allowance due to lack of money.

Help us to appeal to the NPA Management to pay us our annual increments

Some of the protesting pensioners told our correspondent that they have suffered untold hardship due NPA management refusal to pay their allowances for the past four years.

For MRS. JC NNADI the problem I am facing is so many, we cannot lay our hands on any finance, you all know what is obtainable in Nigeria today, it’s very difficult for people working, I can’t get medical help, I can’t eat three square meals.

Pa Johnson Asuquo said the problem I am facing is that I can’t lay my hands on any cash. I can’t pay school fees for my children I can’t take care of my ailing wife, we can’t even feed properly, he asked what job am I expected to do at 67years old if not to take care of myself and children?

Madam Joyce AMADI said look at my leg, showing us a swallow leg with obvious signs of elephantiasis or ulcer from diabetic’s complications said I could have died but god kept me, crying and narrating her experience she said I can’t feed, I can’t train my children, I can’t pay my house rent, I am a widow, I just need help to stay alive’’

‘’Another pensioner pa Levi. Said they denied us access to medicals. They said we should go and bring this today, tomorrow go and bring that card, they keep turning us up and down at the end we just get frustrated and move ahead without accessing any medication’’



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