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Is The Task Force On Illegal Street Trading and Motor Parks In Port Harcourt Beginning To ACT Illegally?


A complaint from one Dr. Justice Okorie an herbal medical practitioner with office address at 118 Rumuola Road opposite Eco bank in Obi/Akpor local Government area said that officials of Rivers State Government Task Force came to his shop which is at first floor of the one storey building and carted away his megaphone and generator on excuse that he is causing noise pollution.

Although noise pollution is a menace on its own, but the scope of operation of the task force does not cover noise pollution which is under the jurisdiction of ministry of Environment. sound can be said to be noise pollution when it is above 100 decibels (db.). So how can Task Force that does not have the requisite knowledge to know when a sound constitute noise pollution say the man is causing noise pollution.

When contacted, Hon. Bright Amawhule the Coordinator of the task force who double as the Special Adviser to Governor Wike on removal of street traders and illegal motor parks, deliberately refused to respond to Civil Rights Council text messages and did not also pick calls put across to him.

In another development, one Mr. Uzor Johnson whose vehicle was impounded last week Thursday and was taken to mobile court, he was found guilty and fined 15,000 naira. He rallied round and got the money to pay on Monday then proceeded to the office of Rivers State Task Force to collect his vehicle and he was told his battery and car key was missing.

So he contacted a human right advocate (THE CIVIL RIGHTS COUNCIL) went with him to see the magistrate who delivered the judgement at mobile court in garrison junction and the Magistrate told them she cannot interfere since she has served justice on the matter already. ¬†they got the number of the Chief Bili who said the driver’s battery was missing. I called him and he asked me to come with the driver to the office. He gave the driver another functional battery since he could not find his own. He brought all the keys and the driver could not find his own. He has promised to still search for it. But the driver said he can start the car with another key.

These and many more are going on in the background of activities of this taskforce with residents saying the good thing done for Rivers People should not turn into another monster.


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