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Post Graduate Student Of Rivers State University Fakes Own Kidnap To Extort Money From Parents To Pay Student Union Government From Impeaching Him


The Civil Rights council has condemned the trending online video of torturing a post graduate student of Rivers State University.

A statement signed by the state chairman of Civil Rights Council Prince Wiro said it wrong for a DPO to employ a torturing machine to flog the suspect. The statement in full reads: – by the we have seen a trending video of Secretary of Post Graduate Students of Union of Rivers State University been flogged by Officers of Nkpolu Divisional Police headquarters in Mile 3 Diobu for faking his kidnap.

One of the person flogging him in the video from my investigation is not a Police Officer but a ‘Man O War’ officer who finished from Quantity survey in Rivers State University but works as Personal Assistant to the present DPO of Nkpolu Divisional Police Headquarters in Mile 3.

A former President of Student Union Government of the institution told me that the post graduate student who also works in radio station of the institution faked his kidnap to extort money from his father to settle Senate of the union who wanted to impeach him.

On Friday last week one Waribo Boma the secretary of Post Graduate Students union of the Rivers State University raised fake alarm that he was kidnapped. The incident drew the attention of Rivers State Governor who called the Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor as well as the Dean of Students affairs and the Police arrived the post graduate hall were the kidnap was said to have taken place. The President of the Post graduate student. Shepherd Fubara union who was having problems with the secretary before the incident was arrested by the Police. After interview the President of the post graduate student’s union informed the Police that the boy may have faked his kidnap. Due to pressure the Waribo Boma came out and said he had been released by his abductors.

He later came out and said he had been released by his abductors after other executives were arrested. Upon interrogation he confessed that he faked the kidnap. The school management was worried because the man claimed to have been kidnapped inside the campus.

But our worry as human right fighters is why a DPO employed a torture machine to deal with suspect. Last week I confronted the ‘Man O War’ personnel to stop torturing a particular suspect. I could also recall that Barrister Festus was with me one day when the same Man O War man was flogging a suspected pick pocket thief with whips.

The Police Spokesperson, Nnamdi Omoni had told the whole world in a radio station that suspects are not to be tortured because they still have rights until proven not guilty. When Omoni was asked why the police is providing such comfort for serial killer and fair treatment given to David Gracious West, he said the police command is policing with human face and that the rivers state police command under this present CP is adjudged as policing with human rights and feelings in mind.

CRC chairman Prince Wiro said By tomorrow I will be asking the Police spokesperson the rationale behind the DPO employing a torture machine to deal mercilessly with suspects which clearly negates the anti-torture law signed by president Muhammadu Buhari last year.



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