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Pensioners In Rivers State Laments 20Years Of Stagnation: Calls For Pension Increase Review

by Anita Ogona

Pensioners in the Rivers state is appealing to the state Governor to use the window of the new minimum wage to   increase the pension allowance for retirees in the state.

State secretary of the Nigerian Union of Pensioners Joseph Agbo told our correspondent that rivers state pensioners have been stagnated on same pension allowance for the past 20 years.

He said those who received 2000 Naira as pension 20 years ago is still receiving the same amount in 2019. We are happy that governor is a listening Governor, if he is going to consider the servicing officers he should also considers the Pensioners, for the past 20 years’ pensioners of this state have not enjoyed any increase. it’s like a God sent message that this increase of minimum wage is under the governors purvey, we hope the governor will do what is right by granting same increase to pensioners of the State. For what is meat for the Geese is also good for the gander’’ we attend the same market with the serving officers and pay same amount for goods and services and we are aged.

The state government is supposed to take care of the aged just as they take care of the youth. We have given our youthful strength in serving the government for the past 35 years, now that we are aged, we expect the government to take care of us

State secretary of Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Joseph AGBO lamented that pensioners in the state who retired from service from grade level 7 and below live in abject penury and can’t even afford medical services. The Nigeria constitution section 170 sub section 3 SAYS pension should be increased every 5 years in case there is no salary increase, where there’s is variation a similar amount should be applicable to pension allowance


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